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Teeth Whitening

Welcome to our initial offering for our new blog portion of the website!  We will endeavor to provide current information, both dental and other, for your edification and amusement.


We would like to remind everyone of our reduced price for our “take home” bleaching system-$250.

We believe we have the best combination of effectiveness and comfort in our Opalescence system.  While there are many choices, both “over the counter” and practitioner-dispensed, which can be effective, our choice of the “take home” system allows you to administer the treatments at your convenience and to reuse the trays in the future by only purchasing additional bleach as needed.

Many people will touch up their bleaching several days before a big event(i.e., wedding, job interview, reunion, holiday party, etc) and will drop by the office to pick up additional tubes of bleach.

The thing to remember about tooth whitening is that the process is reversible over time and does not harm the teeth or gums when used properly.

Please check out the before and after pictures below and in our Photo Gallery.

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