Customer Testimonials

Providing dental health care services for families and individuals in Austin for over 30 years.

I haven’t been to another dentist in a long time, but I like the fact that it is always quiet and there aren’t a lot of people waiting around. He is the GREATEST DENTIST I HAVE EVER HAD! He has a wonder manner about him. He actually seems to care about his patients. He does great work!Alison
I don’t feel lost in a huge pool of patients. The dentist and hygienist know my name and as about me, as if they actually care. That’s RARE! He takes his time and doesn’t seem hurried to attend to others. With a smaller practice, you feel much cared after, which is AMAZING!Danielle
No glitz, no dire message posters; no sales pitches; actually spends time with the patients beyond “how are ya” and “looks good.” Does his own work! Actually spends time working on patients himself. Incredibly informative and honest – actually knows all about his field and shares his knowledge.Susan
(The Art Gallery is) a nice change of pace – beats reading old magazines!Timothy
Dr. Russell explains every step as he works and does the most pain-free injections and procedures and is very thorough!Reba
Dr. Russell genuinely cares about his patients and always thoroughly answers my questions and explains (the)dental process without me having to ask. He elaborates on every dental procedure and helps me make the best decision for me whether it’s the least expensive procedure or not.Stephanie